Briefly about… 3D measurements

About what 3D measurements are, how they work and who can benefit from using them.

Briefly about… 3D measurements


Z axis

Every camera provides information in two-dimensional for. It carries many measurement possibilities, but it does not reflect the true nature of the world. Each object has three dimensions, and systems that allow you to measure all at once are called 3D systems. Thanks to the use of additional physical phenomena and specialized light systems, cameras can see the “Z axis” component, e.g. the height or distance to the observed object.

3D measurement methods

It’s easy

We can distinguish several methods of 3D measurement. The most commonly used in industry are systems using an active special illuminator, projecting a line or a light grid on the observed object. In each of these types of variations in the system there is a camera and the above-mentioned illuminator, which is often a laser, and the measurement itself uses the triangulation method. This method measures the displacement of the light spot on the object observed along with the change of the distance to the observed illuminated point. For example, if we throw a laser line at an angle connecting two walls in a room, this line, if we only look at it from a plane other than its own, breaks down at the angle. This information 3D systems are able to convert into spatial measurement.

Industry support

For whom?

Basically for everyone. 3D measurement systems are becoming present in every are of the manufacturing industry. They are part of assembly lines, pick-and-place systems, test stands, quality control systems, as well as a key element in the control system of a machine tool or robot arm. Over the years of their market expansion, 3D systems have found their most common application in several industries. It is: automotive industry, aerospace, tool industry, optics production, electronics production as well as welding industry, wood industry and vulcanization.

Where to find suppliers?

Scanway in 3D

Our company offers one of the most efficient 3D systems, being at the same time the simplest to use. All thanks to exceptionally refined components and measurement components based on integrated 3D heads together with the data processing systems. Thanks to this, one 3D head can provide intelligently processed information for the entire production chain.


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