Briefly about… Polish space sector.

Scanway represents Polish space sector.

What does it mean? How big is the Polish space sector, what does it do and how it develops?

Briefly about… Polish space sector.

Scanway as a representative of space sector

As a company we are the representative of the national space sector. Our solutions, our work and projects develop knowledge about the space, being at the same time a response to the problems of “Earth” industry, energy and production areas. So what does the “Polish space sector” mean, who represents it and how it develops?

What is the Polish space sector?

Companies and public entities acting actively and systematically for the exploration and use of outer space. An element of the Polish space industry are also public research centres and academia.

In which Polish companies specialize?

Range of Polish space activities is very broad. Companies undertake activities in the fields of material engineering, mechanics, communications and navigations, automation, remote sensing, optics, scientific research, analyses of data, as well as promotion of the sector itself and many others.

What was the breakthrough for the national space sector?

An important moment for Poland was the entry to the European Space Agency. It allowed domestic entities to be active participants in the ESA programmes, to acquire funds for training and develop the European space market. An equally important step was the development of the National Space Development Plan, the Polish Space Strategy, the National Space Program, as well as the agreement on the ESA Business Incubator Center. All of these actions allow Polish companies to develop more widely and faster.

Is there an organisation which support Polish space sector?

Yes – it is Polish Space Agency. It supports  space sector in an advisory and organizational manner. In addition, most of Polish entities is associated in the Polish Space Industry Association.



Official webpage of the Polish Space Agency:

Official webpage of the Polish Space Industry Association:

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