Briefly about… vision systems in quality control

Discussion about product quality, product assurance, the functionalities of the vision systems in quality control, but also look on the problems and goals of the enterprises with Scanway’s expert.

Briefly about… vision systems in quality control

Quality – every manufacturer’s challenge

Quality control is an inseparable element of production and basically the whole industry. Thanks to a comprehensive analysis of manufactured items and goods, enterprises can develop the desired level of solutions and products which can generate more and more financial profits. What is worth knowing about the quality? How to take care of it in your company and who can help you with that?

What does the quality even mean?

The dictionary suggests that quality is the feature of the subject that marks it out of the competitors. But what does quality mean for the industry? Here, the calculation is simple. Quality is, in effect, good orders, security, reputation, development and benefits for both parties.

Is it easy to maintain high quality?

It would seem that this activity comes down only to the conscious “not aggravating” the level of products or services. The situation is, however, more complicated. Changing customer requirements, fluctuating number of orders, changing market trends, new technologies and many other factors make quality assurance a non-obvious and complicated process.

What does the Polish market for quality control services offer?

The quality control market is wide and diverse. Tis is due to the clients’ needs regarding the control of products and services. In some sectors, the most important element of the control is a human – with limited possibilities of optical defect detection, reacting in non-standard way and thus – able to detect new defects, non-standard behaviours in production etc. In most cases, however, human activities are complemented by vision systems with intelligent algorithms that can more accurately and at a faster rate evaluate process abnormalities. Thus, on Polish market one can meet companies that employ quality controllers and that develop vision systems.


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Will vision systems displace people in quality control?

Generally speaking, quality control devices and vision systems take over some of the fields of production, previously handled by a human. However, in the near future there will be no complete displacement of the human role in this process, because it would be expensive and there are still some areas which cannot be controlled by a machine. The quality maintenance process itself starts already on the basis of the evaluation of the ability to prepare the order. The discussions carried out before that – to optimize quality control – are used to maximize the product’s suitability to the customer’s need, and thus – to build the quality from the beginning. When it comes to verifying the needs, controlling of the production process the human role is still invaluable.

What does Scanway offer in terms of quality control?

Scanway experts create systems that can accurately assess and control small elements, e.g. components on the production line as well as large system for controlling the condition of infrastructure, agricultural crops, mines and many others.


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