Space solutions and applications for Earth challenges

Check how Scanway space solutions and technologies find their place on the ground!

Space solutions and applications for Earth challenges

Space & industry

Why space and industry?


As engineers who participated in projects in the space industry, one important fact got our attention: space technologies are the perfect material for solving the problems of the terrestrial industry! All these “great solutions” used in rovers, rockets, satellites and the International Space Station are an excellent source material for the creation of terrestrial innovations as a consequence – they can be used to solve the problems of our planet.


Space solutions


That’s why we established Scanway. We don’t want to hide good solutions in drawers just because they were designed for space. We test, combine, divide and adapt them to the needs of our world. For example, for production plants that need high precision observation – for quality control that needs maximum safety and profits. We see how our work really changes the world and we want to offer even more!


Scanway offer


We’re specialists in the field of optics – our solutions are being implemented both in space and on Earth. As part of “space activities” we design the ScanSAT observation satellite, while in “earthly applications” we provide engineering services in the field of vision systems, 3D and laser scanning. We offer our solutions to anyone who deals with production and is focused on the best quality of the product.

What solutions do we offer?

We won’t get the whole space down to Earth so we’ve chosen a narrow field, in which we are specialists.

Optical work in Scanway workshop R&D activities in Scanway workshop 3D scanning results ScanSAT designing process Process of 3D scanning

We offer to our clients:

3D measurements


IN Scanway we create measurement systems for production with automatic quality and product analysis carried out with an resolution of up to 3 micrometers. The data is available in real time from a web browser. We offer 3 basic types of 3D scanning for various applications. These are: 3D systems for production, metrology and virtual applications.

More about our measurements can be found here – click.

Scanway prace nad analizą obrazu


Vision systems

We measure materials in continuous production with cosmic accuracy and we detect any defects. Our tailor-made solutions work whenever “boxed” systems can’t cope.


In March 2017, one of our systems worked successfully on the edge of space – in suborbital rocket – where it measured the complicated process of drilling in zero gravity. Now similar technology will easily improve the work of your company!


More about vision systems can be found here – click.

Kosmiczne rozwiązania dla ziemskich potrzeb - Systemy wizyjne Scanway


Image processing

We work with satellite data for every area of the Earth. Thanks to advanced data processing algorithms, including those using AI, Scanway experts create systems that are able to accurately assess the state of infrastructure, agricultural crops, mines and many more. We are able to easily transfer our experience in this sector to industrial projects.


You can find more about image processing here – click.

Kosmiczne rozwiązania dla ziemskich potrzeb - prace nad teleskopem ScanSAT Scanway


Remote sensing


Observing objects from a distance is the specialty of Scanway. Thanks to aerial observations, UAVs and Earth observation satellites, we collect data by flying a long distance from the tested object – without physical contact. We measure the temperature at a distance, estimate the surface composition, detect gases.


You can find more about the remote sensing here – click.

Kosmiczne rozwiązania dla ziemskich potrzeb - satelita ScanSAT

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