About risks in space sector with Scanway

Discussion about very important part of the space industry.

About risks in space sector with Scanway

Recently, at 11th of April, Scanway participated in conference about risks in Polish space sector. This meeting aimed about sharing some experiences and thoughts about some specific issuses of national sppace sector. Scanway speaker was Jedrzej Kowalewski, CEO.

In his speech, Jedrzej took up the subject of business and HR risks, as well as the need to develop company solutions for global applications. Based on the experience and story of our company, Scanway spoke about the tasks and challenges that a company operating in the space industry must meet.

The space industry itself is an ambitious and satisfying business path, provided that the entrepreneur is adequately prepared for it. Knowledge about risks (long-term project activities, specific sales cycle, difficulty in acquiring qualified staff, the need for global planning and common sense approach) allows one to act more flexibly, in line with market expectations, thus minimizing fears about start-up failure.

Conference speakers also shared advices and good practices in the space sector. At Scanway, we know very well that support in the form of experienced mentoring and proper education is invaluable in the space sector. We actively support student project teams and cooperate in the design of space experiments. It allows to educate young people, who in the future will bring their strengths to the Polish space industry.

What else should you know when planning to enter the space market? How was the risk conference going? More information in the article on space24.pl portal (unfortunately only Polish).

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