IAC 2019 – International Astronautical Congress 2019

IAC 2019 – event details, most important points in agenda, information and Scanway plans for International Astronautical Congress.

IAC 2019 – International Astronautical Congress 2019

IAC 2019 with Scanway

About the event


We won’t exaggerate if we call IAC the most important space event in the world. The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is connected to both science and business. It’s really a big event, which with each edition attracts more and more entrepreneurs and representatives of the space industry from around the globe. IAC phenomenon is based both on its momentum and maintaining a high standard of the evet. A characteristic feature of IAC is the fact, that you can meet there not only entrepreneurs and space agencies, but also enthusiasts and representatives of science institutes.


The benefit for entrepreneurs is obvious here. By promoting their products and services at IAC, agencies and companies gain business contacts and are remembered by industry representatives, which after the event turns into declarations of cooperation, consortia and joint projects.


For enthusiasts, IAC is an event that generates a large dose of knowledge, a kind of “update” of the current situation in space business. For many people – also those which are space professionals – a large dose of joy and motivation is also meeting with authorities. Presence of NASA, ESA, great science and industry figures motivates and makes the event doubly attractive. Elon Musk, who needs no introduction, or the founder of Blue Origin and CEO of Amazon – Jeff Bezos – are just examples of people who have a habit of visiting the event!


Elon Musk at IAC 2017, source: iaf.org

IAC 2019 – the biggest players and the premieres that the industry is waiting for

IAC is also the time of premieres, cooperation announcements and plans for the future. In this respect, IAC 2019 will certainly not differ from previous years. This year’s edition, which takes place in Washington DC, gathers space experts from all around the globe. A watchful observer will find everyone there – from engineers constructing legendary space platforms, to the heads of space agencies!


Are you going to IAC 2019?

If so, you will definitely be interested in the details of the event!


Place and date: October 21-25, 2019, Washington DC, USA


Organizer: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics – AIAA


Event details: IAC 2019 promises to be an intense week during which all space players will gather to discuss progress and plans for space exploration in its various meanings. A great nod to the historical aspects of this industry will also be there – to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission – a feat that once seemed impossible and which has now become a symbol of development, cooperation and crossing borders.


In terms of substance: IAC 2019 offers a rich program of plenary meetings, lectures on major activities and events, technical lectures as well as a networking forum and many social events that will support and integrate participants.


Worth seeing: when visiting the US capital, it is worth taking a look at it from the industrial and educational side. Washington is an investment center for the space industry. It is worth considering visiting The Smithsonian Museum – the world’s largest complex of museums and education and research centers, which houses the National Air and Space Museum, with the world’s largest air and space exhibition. There is, for example, the Friendship 7 capsule, in which the first American orbital flight was made, the Gemini IV capsule, from which the first American space walk was performed, or the command module of the Apollo 11 mission, during which the Moon landing took place!


IAC 2018, Airbus Space and Defence stand, source: airbus.com

Scanway at IAC 2019

The Scanway team will be present at the event as a participant and exhibnnitor. We will take part in the expo part and will also be at your disposal at the stand of the Polish Space Agency. It brings together national industry representatives promoting the Polish space sector, showing both the agency’s administrative activities and a wide spectrum of individual achievements of companies. You’re welcome!


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Scanway at IAC 2019 Scanway at IAC 2018 IAC 2018 – DLR stand (source dlr.de) IAC 2018 – ESA stand (source esa.int) IAC 2018 – Airbus Defence and Space stand (source airbus.com)

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