ScanSAT payload during testing!

Engineering model of ScanSAT payload is being integrated.

ScanSAT payload during testing!

What does it mean?

We have just started the integration process of various subsystems, either developed by Scanway, or by our German partner. It is needed to be able to start working on flight model and launch our microsatellite into orbit in 2020!

How the work goes?

ScanSAT is an ambitious project in Polish space sector, but it’s also a huge technical challenge. Using new kind of sensors, together with in-house developed acquisition electronics and a need to design it in a way that it will be resistant to temperature changes – athermal – is something, on which our engineers work hard and long. Especially the last aspect – so the optical elements being athermal – is extremaly important, because every temperature shift inside the telescope will change its optical parameters. It results in different quality of acquired images.


With our partner, German Orbital Systems, with whom we’re able to cooperate and offer our services and products in international market, we performed fit check test, which was necessary to start further works. Right now ScanSAT telescope is under optical tests, but it also proved itself to be really athermal. It’s a huge thing for our mechanical and system engineers, because it clearly shows that Scanway can deliver robust optical solutions to our partners. In parallel we’re organizing our electronic subsystems to prepare them for first functional test of payload. It all will happen before the middle of December. Next steps after that is to repeat such functional tests with platform, qualify ScanSAT payload and start process of building flight model.

More information

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