Scanway and UJW at Near Surface Geosience 2019 in The Hague

Near Surface Geoscience 2019 conference with Scanway! Report from the event.

Scanway and UJW at Near Surface Geosience 2019 in The Hague

Near Surface Geoscience

About the event


Near Surface Geoscience is an European conference about geophysics and environmental engineering. Topics which are discussed are e.g. about using geothermal energy, renewable energy storage, but also sustainable resource management and modern measurement technologies in geophysics.


Event’s purpose


This scientific meeting aims to build scientific awareness, as well as the integration of related industries and scientific fields. They are connected to geophysical topics and in result provide beneficial, sustainable cooperation of scientific communities, government institutions and industry representatives in the extraction and management of our planet’s resources.

Near Surface Geoscience is an event that intensifies the dialogue of scientific and industrial environments in the field of sustainable development in the field of geological exploitation, energy acquisition and other manners related to exploration of Earth’s goods.


Scanway at Near Surface Geoscience


Scanway delegate, CTO – Michał Zieba, together with Anna Wojciechowicz, Ph.D. from Uniwersytet Jana Wyzykowskiego (university from our region) presented results of our joint research in the field of using spectroscopy (visible and near infrared) to detect the sulfur content in brown coal.

We are proud of the effects of cooperation and we hope to develop this and similar projects even more intensively in the future.


More about Near Surface Geoscience: official webpage of the event (click).

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