Scanway at MSPO 2019 in Kielce, Poland

Report from this year edition of International Military Trade Fairs.

Scanway at MSPO 2019 in Kielce, Poland

Scanway at MSPO 2019 in Kielce, Poland

About the fairs


MSPO 2019, which stands for International Military Trade Fairs, is a yearly organized event.  The aim of MSPO is to integrate the business side of military industry, but also a presentation of newest equipment from all over the world.


27th edition


This year event is a 27th edition of MSPO. This year expo is being patronaged by Polish President and organized together with Polish Ministry of Defence or biggest Polish military industry group – Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa.

Apart from normal exhibition, organizers managed to host a USA based expo.


Scanway at MSPO


Scanway participated in MSPO on 3th and 4th of September. We were part of official delegation organized by our local administration.


This event was a perfect occasion to meet e.g. one of the companies from Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, with whom we discussed possible joint actions in the area of small satellites. Other results are e.g. networking with other local companies and participation in the panel discussion about future Earth observation needs in Polish military.


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