Scanway at Space Tech Expo Bremen 2019!

Report from the biggest space trade fairs in Europe – with Scanway!

Scanway at Space Tech Expo Bremen 2019!

About the event

Space Tech Expo is a yearly organized event, hosted in Germany in autumn and in the US in spring, that brings together suppliers and representatives of prime companies. It is a perfect place to have dozens of B2B meetings with companies that can both support you and buy your solutions.

Purpose of the event

The idea is to connect everyone not only through booths at trade fairs, but mainly through B2B meetings, organized via mobile app or web browser. Due to that fact it’s very easy to appoint short meeting with basically anyone who’s attending the event.

Scanway at Space Tech Expo Bremen

Scanway was present at the trade fairs, at Polish booth which was organized by Polish Space Agency. The possibility to present our own materials at designated space greatly increase the Scanway mark. Not every meeting at the event was held in B2B zone, so there was also a possibility to host such discussion at Polish booth.

All the meetings and discussions, either in B2B zone or at Polish stand, are really promising and might lead to interesting projects in the future. As space business has long sale cycles, the direct results as usual might be seen in a couple of months.

Scanway will be also present at Space Tech Expo USA in 2020. Look for us in California!

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