Scanway at Venture Café in Warsaw

Scanway participated in Venture Café event in Warsaw. It was organized due to 50 year anniversary of Moon landing and was strictly about the space.

Scanway at Venture Café in Warsaw

Scanway at Venture Café in Warsaw

Event, which was organized because of 50 year anniversary of Moon landing, was a perfect occasion for Scanway representatives to talk with space freaks – not only those, who are working in the sector, but also with a hobbyists. We met lots of fantastic people and had numerous great discussions.

What is Venture Café?

It’s a society, which has a need to integrate innovative companies and indeed is really doing that. The organizers strongly believe that cooperation, discussions and integration of the business is a key to increase the innovation level in our lives and companies.

How does Venture Café work?

It’s being done through a series of monthly meetings. They are a perfect place to integrate people from various business and allow them to exchange their ideas. It’s all organized by Venture Café Foundation and many people, that help to organize the event. Participation in Venture Café is always free and open to everybody who wants to discuss about innovations and share one’s thoughts.

Organizational details

From May 2019 up to April 2020, once per month, all willing people can attend the Venture Café to discuss and exchange their ideas. From May 2020 the programme will be reconstructed. More information can be found here:


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