Scanway innovative solutions in PGE!

From space to power engineering!

Scanway innovative solutions in PGE!

Space solutions for power sector!

New solutions at your fingertips


When regulations related to the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere are being more and more stringently increased, power plant owners are obliged to look for new solutions to reduce the environmental impact and operating costs of their mainches. At the internal R&D conference of the entire PGE Group, Scanway presented its solutions, which are the result of the transfer of space technologies to the conventional industry.


Scanway responds to the power engineering problems


Scanway is currently developing laser scanners to 3D diagnose wind turbine blades – a very important component of Polish renewable energy sourcers. Currently, the system is after the pilot phase carried out at PGE Renewable Energy and it may already be used on a full scale in the entire Group this year.

At the moment, coal is the main raw material from which electricity is produced. As a result of the transfer of technology from NASA and used of Mars, Scanway is able to determine the surface composition of materials with lasers. Such information can be very useful to properly regulate the purification of exhaust gases, which in turn will affect the actual emission of e.g. sulfur to the atmosphere.


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