Scanway will work with biggest Polish energy company – PGE!

Together with the biggest Polish energy company – PGE – Scanway starts project which is focused on inspecting wind turbine blades with laser technologies! Check the details!

Scanway will work with biggest Polish energy company – PGE!

Scanway in PGE project

PGE Renewable Energy is launching an innovative R&D project, which will use laser technologies to inspect the wind turbine blades. It’s being done together with us!

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Cooperation with PGE

PGE is cooperating with us since 2017. One of the projects, that Scanway did for them, was a pilot study which aimed at inspecting wind turbines operated by PGE Renewable Energy.



We developed unique laser scanner, which is able to inspect wind turbine surface from more than 100 meters – with resolution up to single millimeters. Because of the success of the pilot project, PGE decided to start a R&D activity, which will turn the pilot solution into the full-scale product and solution.


Wind turbines are degrading e.g. because of wind and the quality of its blades is being controlled either by human or by drones. We developed measurement technique which is faster and more effective.


Laser scanner that we developed will allow the operator to precisely measure the surface of the wind turbine blade. Apart from hardware solutions, Scanway will deliver a software dedicated to data analysis and editing of such images.


In such way, PGE Renewable Energy will be able to measure the wind turbines with much better efficiency. It is widely known that defects in wind turbines are being detected too late. Our solution will change that!


About PGE

PGE is biggest Polish entity dealing with production of electric power. They are producing 43% of electrical energy in Poland and 9% of renewable energy is coming from PGE. They are developing electricity to more than 25% of Poles!


PGE Renewable Sources, subsidiary of PGE, is the biggest Polish RSE company.


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About Scanway



We are Polish company working both in industry and in space. We are specializing in 3D measurements, vision systems, image processing and remote sensing. With the help of Polish National Center for Research and Development we are working on ScanSAT Earth Observation satellite, which will be flying in orbit in 2021. Moreover, because of our agreement with German Orbital Systems, we will launch first commercial European satellite into the Moon orbit.


Space solutions for terrestrial needs


We are not dealing only with space! We commercialize and transfer space technologies down to Earth – to different branches of industry. Scanway was established in 2016 by young proffesionalists from optical, mechatronical and measurement engineering. We have engineers who worked on e.g. DREAM project – first ever drilling in microgravity – and cooperated with IWS Fraunhofer amongst others.


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