Technical training with industrial 3D scanners

Our report on two-day technical training, held at Scanway office on 3rd and 4th of July.

Technical training with industrial 3D scanners

Training for engineers

We’ve just finished a two days training filled with gaining new knowledge and technical discussions with our friendly 3D application specialist from LMI Technologies. The training was dedicated to the entire engineering part of the Scanway team. Thanks to this, we will be able to quickly recognize the needs and prepare solutions for our clients!

Subject of the training

We’ve managed to expand our knowledge and exchange experiences in the field of triangulation scanning techniques and systems based on stereovision, with structural light projection. The whole team had the opportunity to test the demanding cases of scanning metal surfaces, glass and different materials with variable reflective parameters. We’ve also gained information about the integration of multi-scan 3D vision systems for production lines.

LMI systems

We have learned the possibilities of optimizing vision processes for Gocator scanners and preparing quick implementations for simpler applications based on software libraries easily accessible by the GUI of LMI devices. Above all, what is most important for us, was the opportunity to learn how to easily implement our own complex decision-making algorithms directly on LMI devices, without the need to involve a separate PC in the vision system. Our team had the opportunity to learn how to do it effectively in the SDK and in the dedicated GDK – Gocator Development Kit.

Gocator 2500

From next week, Scanway will extend its workshop of 3D scanners with another Gocator. It will be a high-resolution model from the latest 2500 based on a blue laser, which will give us the ability to conduct tests for our clients with 3D applications with difficult surfaces such as glass or polished metals.


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Our solutions

So if you have a project for a demanding 3D application, we are ready to help you and take up the challenge! Contact us by e-mail or by phone and we will be happy to talk about your challenge.

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