3D measurements

Measurement systems for production with automatic analysis of the quality and position of the product with an accuracy of up to 3 micrometers. The data is available in the real time form the level of web browser.

3D measurements

Solution description

World is not flat! Everybody knows that. Our systems allow to measure object from every direction – in 3D.


3D measurement systems find more and more applications due to the increasing computing power of PCs and embedded electronics. Online 3D measurement systems have become an inseparable part of modern industry (the so-called 4.0 Industry).


We offer three basic types of 3D scanning for various applications. These are:


  • 3D systems for production – the type of measurement systems in which the simultaneous, automatic analysis of the collected data in order to determine the quality and location of the product in real time. Thanks to the highly effective 3D measurement units used it is possible to carry out many complicated measurements in one device. The whole system is configurable via a web browser from a PC/tablet connected to the same network. There is no simpler method for the advanced 3D measurement system in our factory.
  • 3D measurements for metrology – wherever precision allows a slightly longer measurement time, we can take it with our mobile 3D lab. Because of that we can measure objects in your factory, no matter whether the object is 10 mm or 10 m. Our scanners allow measurements with an accuracy up to 3 micrometres. We also implement our own proprietary 3D measurement solutions with precise thermographic measurements.
  • 3D measurements for virtual applications – would you like to show your products on VR goggles at the fair? With us, this dream becomes a reality. We are able to measure various objects with our 3D + colour cameras. Thanks to that you can quickly get a virtual model of your product that will breathe life into a CAD model.

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