Image processing

We acquire satellite data for each area of the Earth. Thanks to the advanced algorithms for data processing, including those using artificial intelligence, we examine the state of infrastructure, agricultural crops, open pit mines and many more.

Image processing

Solution description

One picture says more than a thousand words. This banal phrase has a huge message and meaning in the field of so-called machine vision, or algorithms that automatically analyse photos, searching for valuable information in them. Creating such software is not easy and in our country we are on of the best in that area.


It is difficult to imagine contemporary industrial applications and most fields of science without image processing algorithms. Omnipresent cameras and imaging systems allows the collection of petabytes of data per second but the real challenge is to process them. We specialize in several varieties and applications related to the image processing.

Satellite data processing

Our company continues to develop key competences in the space industry, in particular in the field of Earth observation. We are able to obtain (from the online repositories and from aerial flights) data about the most areas of our planet. Along with a comprehensive data processing service we provide reports on the condition of infrastructure, agricultural crops or environmental impact of the open-pit mines. Worth attention are solutions that use neural networks and artificial intelligence – we develop them with our partners.

Biomedical applications

We offer imaging and analysis solutions for many biological objects. In areas such as dermatology and cosmetology we can offer assessments of skin condition or quantity and distribution analysis of hair or skin cancer. Our applications can also be used to apply infertility treatment and pharmacology. Each topic is considered individually by us and we are not afraid of any challenges.

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