Remote sensing

Thanks to aerial observations, UAVs and Earth Observation satellites we acquire data when flying at a large distance from the objects. We measure temperature, estimate the surface composition or detect the gases.

Remote sensing

Solution description

Observing objects from a long distance is our specialty. The solutions we offer allow the detection of the matchstick from a kilometre. We are a leading commercial entity in Poland that develops systems in the field of so-called remote sensing.


Nowadays, more and more areas of science and economy uses remote imaging. There is no need to measure the object through physical contact, when you can obtain the same data by flying/being far away. The most classic variation in this field are aerial observations and recently also UAVs and Earth observation satellites.

Observations adapted to the customer

We offer very advanced and comprehensive services to develop and remote sensing system for the client. We integrate cameras and on-board scanners for drones, satellites and even for vehicles. We approach each case individually and together with the customer we create a list of technical requirements for the system. Cooperating with the European Space Agency and leading Polish space industry entities we have gained key experience in tailored-to-fit imaging systems.

Broad range of possibilities

The unique feature of our systems is the ability to perform imaging in a very wide electromagnetic spectrum – it means that we can see things invisible to the human eye. This means new possibilities in:

  • remote temperature measurement (thermography, power engineering, civil engineering),
  • estimation of surface composition (mining, agriculture),
  • gas detection (oil&gas industry, ecology).

We aim really high

Our systems have found their place in space applications. We carry out the Earth observation satellite project, co-financed by The National centre for Research and Development. We also take part in European Space Agency tender and offer our solutions to key Polish space industry entities. All these projects have led us to the position of most ambitious Polish company developing remote sensing systems.

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