Vision systems

We measure material in continuous production with extreme quality to detect any defects. Our tailored-to-fit solutions work well where ready-made systems cannot cope.

Vision systems

Solution description

Hardly any production plant can handle today challenges without vision systems, i.e. intelligent cameras that check the quality and many other aspects of the processed objects. We have extensive experience in this field and our systems earn and save our clients’ money all over Europe every day.

Advices and feasibility study

We primarily offer a comprehensive service for the implementation of vision systems, especially there where simple “straight from the box” solutions do not bring results. We advise our clients from the beginning – with a feasibility study. If you are wondering whether it is possible to simplify or optimize your measurement process through visual measurements – we are at your services.

Solutions tailored-to-fit

From the beginning of our company we dealt with tailored-to-fit vision measurement systems. We know how to measure materials in continuous production with very high accuracy and for high linear speeds. We are able to implement extremely efficient and effective digital processing algorithms that will determine where and how many defects occur in your product.

Vision systems with space technologies

Our systems are known for their reliability and high quality. That is why they were appreciated by the European space industry. In March 2017, one of our systems worked on the edge of the cosmos and successfully measured a complicated zero-gravity drilling process.

If you are interested in Scanway vision systems with extraordinary quality and in reasonable budget – leave your e-mail with a short description of the problem. You can be sure that we’ll consult with you for free and offer you a convenient solution!